DJ Khaled Snapchats His Son’s Birth

DJ Khaled Snapchats His Son’s BirthMillions of his followers dubbed him as the ‘King of Snapchat’. Just recently, DJ Khaled again turned to the social media app and shared with his followers another mileage of his life. DJ Khaled Snapchats his son’s birth.

The entire birth of Asahd Tuck was documented by his famous 40-year-old American producer dad using the multimedia service Snapchat. To make it even more interesting, the proud daddy added some interesting graphic commentary and emojis.
The documentation begun when DJ Khaled’s fiancée Nicole Tuck started to feel the contraction. The filming went on non-stop up until baby Asahd came out of mommy’s tummy.

Part of the film shows the new dad holding the hand of Nicole and in another shot, DJ Khaled is seen kissing Nicole’s tummy. An image of baby Asahd being delivered by the doctors into the world can be seen as well.

The Snapchat video has trended ever since on Twitter and many of those who have viewed the video have different opinions.

One fan commented, “DJ Khaled playing his album whilst snap chatting his wife in labour had me dying.” While another wrote “DJ Khaled’s wife is in labour, and he is still going strong with the snap stories. #purededication #anothaone.”

“Dj Khaled really played major key while snap chatting his wife give birth I’m done,” came from another fan.

June of this year, DJ Khaled already hinted on Jimmy Kimmel’s show that when his fiancée Nicole will be in labor, he is going to Snapchat the whole birth process. Some fans are still dazed about the whole idea of his fiancée pushing her way through to deliver their baby out into this world and for everyone to witness the whole event through Snapchat.

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