Carvers are Busy Making ‘Trumpkins’ and Clinton Pumpkins

Carvers are Busy Making ‘Trumpkins’ and Clinton Pumpkins

Through the years, the pumpkin has always been one of the most popular orange symbols for Halloween. This year, carvers have combined the pumpkins with another recognizable orange symbol, Republican nominee Donald Trump and they are called ‘Trumpkins’. Pumpkin carving may be a small industry but it is a fast growing craft community. The term ‘Trumpkin’ was invented as a vegetable homage to Donald Trump. In addition, they are also giving tribute to the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. However, as of this writing, no snappy term has been created for pumpkins representing the lady presidential candidate.

For this year’s presidential election and since Halloween is just around the corner, carvers are busy making ‘Trumpkins’ and Clinton pumpkins and they are taking the social media by storm.

In Chicago, Kelsey Kruzel carved a Clinton pumpkin while a friend of her created a ‘Trumpkin’ and their masterpieces were placed side by side. When interviewed by BBC, she readily quipped, “With all the madness surrounding the election, we wanted to add a little humor to the mix. And ‘Trumpkin’ just has a certain ring to it.”

For many Democrats, a Donald Trump presidency is one of the spookiest things they can ever imagine. Featuring the tycoon on a jack-o-lantern is not surprising at all. Since last year, Americans across the country have been very imaginative to depict the Halloween spirit and came up with the so called ‘Trumpkins’. Since Election Day is almost here, ‘Trumpkins’ and Clinton pumpkins have become even more popular and trending on different social media. Aside from carving, you can also paint or print an image and paste on it to produce your ‘Trumpkin’ or Clinton pumpkin.

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