Donald Trump Invites Barack Obama’s Half-Brother

Donald Trump Invites Barack Obama's Half-Brother

The similarities between Barack Obama and his half-brother are very limited. While it is true that the two men share a last name and ancestry, the similarities seemed to end there.

In the final presidential debate, Republican nominee Donald Trump invites Barack Obama’s half-bother Malik Obama as his guest. Obviously, Malik is not supporting the Democratic candidate that President Obama is supporting.

In an interview with the New York Post on Tuesday, he said that he is excited to attend the debate and believed that Trump can do great things for America.

As confirmed to NBC News by Donald’s camp, Malik will be present during the Presidential debate together with other invited guests. The mother of one of the victims of the Benghazi, Libya attack in 2012, Patricia Smith will be attending the debate as well. Smith is personally blaming Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for the death of her son.

Malik Obama seems to be a fervent supporter of Trump and has no fear criticizing the Democrats despite the fact that his half-brother is supporting the other side.

As early as July, Malik had openly admitted his plan to vote for Trump. In acknowledgment, Trump tweeted “[He] was probably treated badly by president — like everybody else!”

Malik is older than Barack and grew up in Kenya. The half-brothers met first when they were already in their 20s. Their father is Barack Hussein Obama Sr. According to Malik, he and the President had a close relationship at one point in their lives. In fact, Barack was his best man on his wedding while he served also as the best man during the President’s wedding to now First Lady Michelle Obama. But over the years, the half-siblings have drifted apart.

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