Consumer Electronics Show 2016 Will Showcase Unbelievably Advanced Tech Products

Consumer Electronics Show 2016 Will Showcase Unbelievably Advanced Tech ProductsIt is the time of the year again for the people to witness the top technological advancements in the world from different industry sectors. The Consumer Electronics Show 2016, or better known as CES 2016, will be held on the 6th of January and will run until the 9th. The event will take place in Las Vegas, USA. This tech trade event will showcase around 3000 exhibitors across 900 companies.

Throughout the years, the Consumer Electronics Show has introduced lots of products, most of which are already common household items across the globe. Some of the notable products that debuted in CES are the: camcorder (1981), compac disc player (1981), High Definition Television or HDTV (1998), Microsoft Xbox (2001), Blu-ray Disc (2003), netbooks (2010), Android devices (2010) and smart appliances (2011).

This year, the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 will showcase unbelievably advanced tech products which may someday become the norm in houses, work places and on the streets. Autonomous or “self-driving” cars have already been introduced three years ago. But this year, more groundbreaking announcements will be made. Some of the expected breakthroughs to be announced in the event are BMW’s AirTouch concept which is rumored to debut on the i8 Spyder, General Motor’s Chevy Bolt (electronic vehicle) and Tesla’s Model 3.

Aside from cars, we’ll definitely see a bunch of hand held devices such as smartphones, cameras and tablets. Drones will also be in the picture as Qualcomm hinted about their advancements in the autonomus drone technology.

And of course we’ll also witness tons of TVs, wearables and lightning headphones! Virtual reality will also be on the spotlight. Top players like HTC, Oculus and Sony are ready to surprise everyone as they continue to shift their focus towards virtual reality gaming and movies.

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