Crew Member of the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter movie Dies on Set

Crew Member of the Resident Evil The Final Chapter movie Dies on SetA 34-year old man was killed on set while filming the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in Cape Town. His name was Ricardo Cornelius, a South African who’s been working on the film set for almost five weeks. The tragedy happened last December 3.

How did Cornelius die on the set? He was actually crushed by a Hummer when the small platform where the vehicle was placed tilted. The huge vehicle then fell on Cornelius. He was then rushed to the hospital and the doctors tried to revive him. One of his colleagues said they were with Cornelius in the hospital for about an hour before the crew member was declared dead.

Cornelius was tasked to manually rotate the platform that was holding the Hummer. The Hummer served as a prop in the movie.

Cornelius’ wife, Shafiefa, received a monetary compensation from the employer of her husband. However, she still hasn’t uncovered the full details of the accident as no one, especially among Cornelius’ colleagues, has really told her about what really happened.

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