Hollande Calls for More Power to Eradicate ISIS

Hollande Calls for More Power to Eradicate ISISIn a speech he delivered to a joint session of the Parliament on Monday, President Francois Hollande of France called for the amendment of the Constitution. He is looking over the homeward fighting of potential terrorists. He is also determined to “eradicate” the Islamic State abroad.

In his opening remarks, the president declared “France is at war.” This call to arms came following the arrest of a suspect which France and Belgium security forces believed had spearheaded the terrorist attack in Paris on Friday night that claimed the lives of 129 people and injured hundreds more. The 27-year-old suspect has been involved in the fight for Islamic State in Syria. Other terrorist attacks were also linked to the Belgian suspect.

The president called for the Parliament to put on an immediate act regarding a new legislation that will allow the government to be more flexible in conducting police raids even in the absence of a warrant and placing the suspected individuals under house arrest. He also mentioned his intention to acquire the approval of the court for more comprehensive surveillance powers. He called to amend the constitution that will stipulate more emphasis on security measures in relation to civil liberties. This is literally calling for more power to completely eradicate the ISIS once and for all.

“Our democracy has prevailed over much more formidable opponents than these cowardly assassins.” The speech was delivered after the French Air Force carried out bombing missions over Syrian city of Raqqa which is said to be the capital of the Islamic State. So far, this has been the most intense military airstrike conducted by France towards the extremist group who said were responsible for the Paris terrorist attacks.

President François Hollande of France will soon be meeting with US president Barack Obama and Russian president Vladimir V. Putin to discuss a possible unity in the campaign to totally eradicate the Islamic State known as ISIS or ISIL. The France president said “Terrorism will not destroy the republic, because it is the republic that will destroy it.”

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