Beirut Suicide Bombings

Beirut Suicide BombingsForty three people were killed on Thursday as suicide bombings struck southern Beirut. According to Lebanese authorities, after the Beirut suicide bombings, the streets were covered with shattered glass and pool of blood. The state-run National News Agency disclosed that about 239 people were injured as a result of the bombing attacks.

According to a Lebanese security source, investigators learned from a would-be suicide bomber who survived the attack that an ISIS has recruited him. After the blast, authorities took the bomber in custody. The suicide bomber is from Tripoli, Lebanon and he told authorities that there are three other attackers who came with him from Syria and they arrived in Lebanon two days before the day of the bombings.

According to a source, the Lebanese intelligence believes that ISIS leadership must have dispatched the bombers to Beirut. However, investigators are still verifying the claim of the suspect. Three suicide bombers died in the bombings.

The ISIS group claimed they are responsible for the Beirut bombings as implied in a statement that has been disseminated on social media. However, CNN has not yet confirmed whether the statement is authentic or not.

According to state-run National News Agency of Lebanon, the bombings were 150 meters apart and happened in five minute intervals from one another. The tremble of the blast affected parts of the Bourj al-Barajneh district and an open-air market in southern Beirut.

Right after the bombings, journalist Tamara Qiblawi from CNN reported, “There’s a lot of shattered glass on the street, a lot of blood, and it’s really just a scene of chaos and carnage.”

A source from the Lebanese authority said three local members of Hezbollah were among the casualties of the Beirut suicide bombings. The source also added that these three were not actually a target of the attack and were just unfortunately in the place where the bombing took place. But the Lebanon-based, Iran-backed Shiite militia was conspicuously present in the targeted area.

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