John Lennon’s Guitar Used to Write ‘Love Me Do’ Sold for 2.4M USD

John Lennon's Guitar Used to Write 'Love Me Do' Sold for 2.4M USDAn undisclosed buyer takes home John Lennon’s Gibson J-160E guitar via the Julien’s Actions just last night. This was the guitar that John Lennon used to write and record the song ‘Love Me Do’ as well as the hit song, ‘I want to Hold Your Hand’. The guitar was reportedly sold for 2.4 million US Dollars.

According to the auction house, Lennon’s guitar was one of only two of its type which was brought to the England from the US way back in 1962. The two guitars were for Lennon and his The Beatles bandmate, George Harrison. Prior to being sold at an auction, Lennon’s guitar has been missing for over 50 years.

So how did the guitar reach the auction house? Who was the seller of the famous guitar?

It was San Diego’s John McCaw who sold Lennon’s guitar for 2.4M USD. He actually bought the guitar in the late 1960’s for an amount of 275 USD. Then he accidentally saw a photo of the guitar in the magazine that feature a story about Harrison. He was intriuged by it for it bore the same markings as his guitar. McCaw sought the help of an expert and confirmed that his guitar was John Lennon’s.

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