Donald Trump Hosts the Saturday Night Live and Gets Heckled

Donald Trump Hosts the Saturday Night Live and Gets HeckledThe Billionaire’s big night has finally arrived as Donald Trump hosts the Saturday Night Live. You may check out the clip of his intro monologue below. Trump enters the SNL stage sporting a bright red neck tie. As for his spills, there were plenty of self-praising lines referring to himself as “brilliant, handsome and rich”. And of course a few moments of poking fun at Rosie O’Donnell. Trump reiterates that he hold no grudge towards anybody such as O’Donnell whom has said some bad things about him. Trump then puts in the punchline that the things that he has said about O’Donnell were “mean but completely accurate”.

Then as Trump’s SNL monologue progresses, two Donald Trump impersonators, Taran Killam and Darrell Hammond, joined him on the stage and blurted out some lines while copying Trump’s voice, antics and facial expression.

At the latter part of Trump’s monologue, someone from the audience heckled at him saying “you’re a racist!”. The camera then focuses at Larry David, revealing that he only heckled a Trump because he heard that if he did it “they”, whoever he is referring to, will give him five thousand dollars.

Trump also appeared in the parody of Drake’s Hotline Bling music video. The short parody showcases Trump’s dancing skills.

See Video of Donald Trump Hosts the Saturday Night Live and Gets Heckled

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