Tesla Model X Launched in US 

Tesla Model X Launched in US In the midst of expanding SUV and crossover market, the Tesla Model X launched in US is another significant step in the evolution of the electric car. This highly anticipated SUV from Tesla Motors is the most sophisticated creation so far from Elon Musk’s all-electric-car company.

Six initial customers were given a key on the night of the launch as the world took a first look at the gorgeous SUV. It costs $130,000 and can go 250 miles on a charge. This electric vehicle has a seven people capacity and still has room for a great deal of stuff. Although Model X reminds you mostly of the notable Model S P90D sedan, still it surpasses the remarkable car in numerous ways. The design of Model X is very futuristic and its performance (speed) is undeniably outstanding. The “falcon” doors that lift like wings is a welcome feature which make the vehicle cooler and even more desirable.

Owners can control the in-car and driving systems of the Model X with the help of a large 17-inch touch screen device. It even has an air filtration system that provides protection to the passenger against biological attack. This is activated through the “bioweapon defense” mode.

The Tesla Model X launched in US is only the third electric vehicle that Tesla Motors has launched since the company started in 2003. Tesla first launched an electric sports car in 2007 called Tesla Roadster. Then in 2012, the company made its second launch through the Model S and as of June this year, Tesla Motors has already sold 75,000 of the saloon car. It was actually in 2012 when Tesla Motors unveiled Model X and the original plan was to launch the vehicle by 2014. There had been problems in the engineering aspect of the electric luxury SUV which is why Model X was launched only this year. Customers in the US who ordered now will have to wait 8-12 months to get delivery while launch in European market will have to wait for a later date.

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